Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Mini Bargain Haul ^_^

AKA, LisLis-got-her-student-loan-which-took-her-out-of-her-overdraft-for-5-beautiful-hours-before-stuff-had-to-be-paid-off-but-still-wanted-to-treat-herself.

On the left, Noir de Chine by Bourjois - £1.99 - I already have black polish but am always on the lookout for a better one!  I am so jealous of the perfect blacks by expensive or American brands, and am on the hunt for a bargain basement find that does the job.

Next, Colourlicious by Rimmel - £1.99 - I don't get the ill-suited name and off-putting orange cap, but I love delicate feminine colours so was happy to find this!

Next, Fiery by Maybelline - £1.99 - Normally I avoid reds as they're not really my style, but this one looked cheery, fruity and glittery so I snapped it up :-)

And on the right, Violetta by No7 - £2 - Yes, the Boots vouchers are back!!!  £5 off No7 products when you spend £5 instore, which means you can get a polish for £2.  I already have two more vouchers stashed in my purse lol.  My first purchase is a backup of Violetta, a polish which I adore and use a lot.

I will be showing them off in the days to come!


Lisa xx

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  1. Fiery by Maybelline is a beautiful colour at a great price.


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