Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A Little Diary & French Manicure Attempt


This has been, and will continue to be, an extremely stressful week.  Over the weekend I broke a tooth, one of the back ones, and had to force myself to go to the dental clinic.  I am phobic of dentists!  The student who treated me seemed really enthusiastic about putting patients at ease and in control, but he had not yet met me!!!  Poor guy.  The experience was horrible, and I have to go get more done on Friday, but right now I'm in the frame of mind where I just want to get it all over with.

Also, tomorrow I have an interpreting exam at uni.  I've been ill through stress all Semester so the outlook is bleak.  As for the illness, feeling like I'm allergic to a hard day's work doesn't make me like myself very much.  Nail polish keeps me distracted and happy though :-)

Enough of the ranting!!  While I waited for my dentist appointment on Monday, I was naughty and bought some polish to distract myself.  I'd heard talk of TK Maxx selling Color Club sets (I'd never seen the brand before) so went there; I came out with a colourful polish set by some unknown brand (Spring Water Spa or something?) and Color Club's All About French set!  They did also have the Bohemian set, but the colours were too dark for me.  A French manicure set is probably boring for a lot of people, but I've been really into my sheer shades recently.  Here is my attempt at a French manicure, with blue rose water decals:

As far as my attempts go, I'm really quite happy with this one!  The white is still very 'stark' for me, and I wonder if I'm missing a trick to soften it.  But overall, smiles :-)




  1. This is so pretty! I like this.

  2. Sympathy on the dentist front, at least you got it sorted - I had a similar experience last year and put off going, I was in absolute agony after a while. On a better note, lucky you finding Color Club in T K Maxx, my local one is very hit and miss and I have never found this brand in there.

  3. Niice :) Blue flower nail sticker, like them!


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