Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The fakest mani of them all!


Even though I removed this mani straight away, I just had to share it because I am always so proud when I pull off a neat, opaque French!

Of course the problem with this mani is that it was the fakest thing I ever did see.  I am still trying to work out how to produce a good-looking French manicure, and this was not the moment of revelation.



Lisa xx


  1. Haha it does look great though!! Maybe your base colour is just "to" different from your actual nail colour giving it a fake look? i have no idea tbh i'm not that great at the whole french manicure style :P

  2. So close! I definitely agree though - try a tone closer to your nail color. It's so hard because they are usually so sheer. It looks super nice though.

  3. Totally with you on never being able to pull off a 'perfect' french manicure. This one certainly is perfect! Perhaps practice makes perfect as they say? :)


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