Sunday, 15 April 2012

Stamping Happiness and an Announcement


Firstly, my announcement: I am holding my very first giveaway!!!  The post with all the info and the entry form will be published at Midnight GMT tonight, and that's when the giveaway will officially open.  Basically I am so happy to have you visiting my blog, and I really want to say 'thank-you'.  Please do join in!  

Also, I have just started a Facebook page for the blog.  It's at ^_^

And onto today's mani...

Last week, I finally caved and bought a set of Bundle Monster plates from Amazon!  Expect a lot of nail fails to come as I grapple with stamping, but hopefully a lot of pretty manis too.

Today I am showing you my first successful BM stamping attempt!  I used the beautiful, floral swirly pattern on plate BM20, with Revlon's Cloud as my base colour and No7's Violetta as my stamping polish.  I waited a long time before applying top coat, as I know too well the heartbreak of smudging a perfectly-stamped mani!

Yay ^_^ I am so happy with this design and can't wait to try out lots of other colour combos and plate imagess.

The only slight problem I have with BM plates is the sizing - some of the individual images seem very large, and the full-cover images are narrow and I need to 'top-up' the sides of my nails.  That doesn't show at all on the end result though, not to me at least.

Here's to lots of stamping fun, and I really hope you come back tonight to join the giveaway!


Lisa xx


  1. Aw that looks really pretty, it reminds me of a china plate (in a good way!)

  2. It's very pretty! I haven't ventured into the stamping side of blogging yet :P the failures I know I will endure are putting me off. Yours came out beautifully. Your a pro already!!

  3. gorgeous, and it does look like china!! Great stamping by the way :)

  4. Alas thought the value for money is good - the amount of images that just don't stamp with MB leaves me going to Konad most of the time. The clarity of the stamps when using K are just so much sharper too. But for those one off quirky images I do think MB are worth it.

    Nice stamping by the way ^_^ nice to know that Violetta stamps well!


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