Saturday, 7 April 2012

Rainbow Dried Flower Mani!


A little while ago Nail Delights had a flash sale on dried flowers, and I just had to get some! For what I believe was £3.50, I got a little box with lots of mini flower sprays, 12 colours in all.

One of my 'signature' manis is to scatter these little flowers onto a romantically-coloured base, and today I made the most out of my set by using 5 colours for a dried flower skittles.  I don't celebrate Easter but I suppose this does make a for cheerful mani to usher in the warm weather and blooming flowers :-)

Oh I do love my dried flowers so ^_^

My main concern at the moment is not knocking my nails, as I have SO much polish on them (I chose a sheer French cream for the base and built up 4 coats before even starting on the flowers!)... hopefully they will survive!


Lisa xx

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