Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Little "Hello" and a Stamping Attempt!


First of all, a reminder about my giveaway!  Fantasy Fire, a gorgeous duochrome and pretty nail stickers are to be won ^_^

Today I start back at university for a few weeks before exam time.  I've had a lot of stress-related illness and am trying to work through it with counselling and my doctor... and yesterday I found out that I had to do a presentation.  Today.  On a subject I'd missed 90% of the module for.  Which sent me into a complete state of panic!

Somehow I actually managed to get a presentation written ~ and whilst it's not going to be pretty, I hope this is a step towards getting better xx

Enough of the babbling and onto the polish ;-)  Today I have for you another Bundle Monster stamping effort which, while a pretty design, is still a bit of a fail!  I used the cherry French design on plate BM17, with a white base and 17's Risky Red as my stamping polish.

Yep, definitely need to practise my lining-up skills!!!  On a positive note I found a great new stamping polish in Risky Red ~ what a colour!


Lisa xx

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  1. Looks pretty, tips are hard to stamp, these look good :)


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