Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Revlon ~ Emerald City

Seriously, how many polishes are named 'Emerald City'?!

Being honest, I mainly bought this polish because it was on sale in Poundland, and it is nigh-on impossible for me to pass up any polish for a quid!  But the 'matte suede' label intrigued me also, so I put on 2 coats to have a look!

...and here it is with non-matte top coat, looking equally nice:

It is a really nice polish with a beautiful deep sparkle.  Despite it not being my colour at all (I can't pull off demure or sophisticated!), I actually wanted to keep the polish on ~ which surprised me!


Lisa xx


  1. I have that and yes it was the matte label that lured me in. ^_^ They had a good Revlon range for £1. Keep and eye out in Superdrug too - looks like they are selling off a load of their old season GOSH range. I found a bottle of 'holographic' there for £2 and that usually goes from anything from £10 on ebay *_* win!

  2. I bought this polish too because it was on sale, it looks a lot better on you than I though :)

  3. This actually looks a lot better on the nail than in the bottle. Might be nice to use for a spot of stamping on.

  4. I prefer it without the matte! it's far more glittery and eye-catching :)


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