Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Giveaways and No-Buys


Firstly, just to let you know that there are 4 days left to enter my first ever giveaway!  Max Factor's Fantasy Fire, Accessorize's Aztec and some cute nail stickers are waiting to be won!  Good luck my lovely entrants ^_^

Secondly, I am officially going on a no-buy.  Indefinitely!!!  I have over 200 polishes, tons of stickers, decals, foils, dried flowers, glitters, a pile of stamping plates... enough to create original manis for a million years!  Because of my problems and illnesses affecting university, my future is nowhere near certain, so I should really be trying to save money.  Today I received OPI's 'Care to Danse?' in the post, which is a polish I really, really wanted, and from now on I will be ever so frugal!

But thirdly... I have been considering offering to buy and send UK polishes to people overseas who can't get them.  My giveaway will be my first experience in mailing polish, so we will see how that goes and then I may be showing up on Polishaholics Anonymous to offer my services!

Thanks so much for reading,

Lisa xx


  1. Good luck with the no buy. Just remember every time you want to buy nail polish that you can always do swaps or make frankens of the old polishes that you don't use anyway ;)

  2. oh i would love to swap with you. i bet there are some us brands you can't get that i could pick up for you too.


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