Sunday, 7 April 2013

31 Day Challenge ~ Your Favourite Polish


This was a tough challenge as I have soooooooo many beautiful polishes. And, in the end, I had to make two choices - an "everyday" polish and a "special" polish.

My everyday polish is one that is gorgeous on its own but is especially good as a base for nail art. Sally Hansen's Lavender Cloud is so delicate and creamy, a barely-purple-tinted white. I have two bottles of it, each bought for £1.99 from my local beauty barrow! Here it is alone:

...and with some stamping:

I love it so much!!!

My second polish is a special one... a glitter! It's Barry M's Red Glitter, and this is such a stunning polish that it surpasses even holos in its ability to keep me staring transfixed at my nails all day long. It's deep, rich and has a sparkle that you won't even believe. Unfortunately I've found it incredibly difficult to photograph, but here is my attempt, and be assured that it looks a million times better in real life:


Lisa xx

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  1. They are both beautiful! Love your stamping!


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