Tuesday, 2 April 2013

31 Day Challenge ~ Your Oldest Untried


Poorliness update: I am very worn out but am getting there! Illness knocks me out far more than it should do :-(

Today's challenge is to use your oldest untried polish. I worked out that this must be Glisten by Boots 17, as I excitedly bought it when it first came out in Spring last year without really thinking about whether I liked it or not! It's seriously scary to think that that was nearly a year ago ~ at the time I was engaged and still struggling to finish uni! Fortunately I'm now single (for the better) and have graduated, although there are still problems to fight through :-)

So, the polish! Glisten is a very warm shimmer, like a sunset. Here are 3 coats:

Yeah, really not my thing. It blends in with my skin tone to look like a boring, old-lady polish. It's pretty in its own way but definitely not my style. Luckily I think that, in the year since I bought it, I've learnt not to be quite so impulsive with my polish buying!


Lisa xx

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  1. It's pretty, but yes I'm not a fan of colours so close to my skin tone! It'd make a great base colour for some art though xx


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