Monday, 16 December 2013

Black Lace Flower Nail Foil

This post contains products which were sent to me for review :-)


Today I have for you a manicure using this black lace nail foil from KKCenterHK. I normally review their water decals but spotted the foil on their website and it looked too good to be true; I had to get it!

Nail foil is a kind of transfer that is applied using a foil glue. It most often comes in very shiny, holographic colours but you can also get patterned designs like this floral lace. The best thing about non-shiny foils is that you can use top coat to seal the design and it doesn't affect the foil at all!

For application I first applied a very pale pink nail polish as my background colour, Crinoline by Sally Hansen. I then painted my nails with the little bottle of glue supplied and waited about 3 minutes for it to dry - you know it's ready when the glue goes from white to clear, or when you can feel that it's tacky to the touch. I then took the foil and pressed it onto the nail, making sure to press around the edges too. I finished the manicure with top coat. Here it is on both hands:

This is so "me" I can't even describe. It looks so French and romantic! I will be using it again and again and again.

To find a negative, the nail foil glue came with a brush that was too long for the bottle, meaning it was permanently bent out of shape. I had to cut the bristles so I could use it properly! That said, the glue itself was clearly very good as the foil applied fully with no bald patches.

You can buy the foil here, with the choice to buy it alone or with two different sizes of foil glue:


Lisa xx

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