Friday, 27 December 2013

Lisa's Post-Christmas Post!


I hope you had a really lovely Christmas and that Santa treated you well! I was extraordinarily lucky as my parents got me a new laptop; I've spent Boxing Day setting everything up and getting my head around Windows 8.

The nail goodies I was given are a Dance Legend colour-changing polish, three beautiful-looking MoYou stamping plates, white stamping polish and cuticle balm. I also now own my very own lightbox! This means that I'll be able to take more consistent pictures for the blog rather than relying on how good the light is in my bedroom or back yard. I'll need practice on how to get the best photos out of it, but to begin with here are a couple of my presents:

Once the holiday excitement is over I have an idea for a new manicure, and I will definitely be posting at New Year. I would love to hear how your holidays are going!


Lisa xx


  1. Those MoYou plates are gorgeous :) and I completely agree windows 8 is a pain!


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