Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Geordie Nails 2013 Round-Up


2013 has been a year where I've really enjoyed coming up with manicures, being inspired by other polishers and buying way too much stuff! Following in the footsteps of fellow bloggers I've decided to do a little Top 10 of my favorite manis from the past year. You may be able to tell that I really like stamping ;-)

Here we go:

1. Bird & Glitter Manicure

I really love the idea of glittery accent nails with a little stamp, and Models Own's Blueberry Muffin has to be my favourite blue-purple, so this is a top manicure for me!

2. Stormy Sea Clingfilm Manicure

The clingfilm technique is a very easy way to get a beautiful effect on your nails. I tried an ocean-like colour combination and was really happy with it.

3. China Pattern French Tips

Towards the end of the year I developed a taste for French manicures that I'd really never had before! This is a stamped China pattern with full accent nails.

4. Letter to Santa Manicure

I decided to turn my new-found love for French into a Christmas manicure, and so here was my letter to Santa this year!

5. Pink Glitter Gradient

This is another technique where I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to do. Simple yet effective and very very sparkly!

6. Butterfly Manicure

The butterfly manicure is a real showstopper for me - when I saw it on other bloggers I just had to get the Nailz Craze plate to be able to have butterfly wings myself.

7. The Coffee Manicure

This is a special manicure in no small part because it includes real gold flakes! I'm also very attached to the Cheeky stamping plate used here <3

8. French Floral Manicure

I've included this manicure because feminine, floral designs on pale base colours pretty much sum up my style!

9. Black Lace Nail Foil

This was actually sent to me for review but it's made it into my Top 10 because it's a foil I can see myself using over and over again for delicate and pretty manicures. So romantic.

10. MoYou Manicure

And, finally, I've included this manicure because it uses my Christmas presents and because the birds and the transitioning pink background represent hope for the New Year to me.

Phew! I will be back with a little New Year's Resolution post and also a secret mystery surprise that I am extremely excited about! In the meantime I will be checking out everyone else's New Year posts. Hope you're having great holidays!


Lisa xx


  1. The blue Stormy Seas one is my favorite!

  2. Dance Legend do lovely thermal polishes :) I like the french twist ones you have been doing recently too.

  3. I love a lot of these, I'm going to have to pin some for inspiration! Especially #3!

  4. That stormy sea manicure is just drop-dead pretty! You did an amazing job on that! :)


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