Wednesday, 21 September 2011

17 by Boots ~ Bolt From The Blue


Well, today is firmly a Nail Fail.  I have already mentioned in my 17 Pictacular that the formula for Bolt From The Blue is not good.  I was very disappointed because, when I was choosing polish for my birthday, this one jumped out at me as a colour that I REALLY wanted - an extremely light, creamy pastel blue.

However, I decided to give the polish another chance, being careful with my application and applying it as evenly as possible.  Here is the result:

You can see it in the picture and it's a lot worse in the flesh: thick and streaky.  The formula is gloopy and it applies terribly; if you're not careful the polish drags across the nail and spoils the mani, and if you want to even out the colour you need to apply so much polish it would never set properly - especially with the thick formula. 

17 have some amazing polishes (just check the aforementioned Pictacular) and I am definitely not put off buying their polish, but it's always disappointing to get a dud :-( 


Lisa xx

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