Monday, 19 September 2011

New Polish, AKA Naughty Lis-Lis Spends Money She Hasn't Got

Hiya!  This is an in-between post to show off a couple of new buys :-)

Well, today I went into town to confirm my attendance at university... lectures start next week, eek!!!  As well as being a good girl and getting books from the library on French politics and the history of Paris, I went to redeem my latest Boots No7 voucher.  My choice was a very bright and cheery blue called 'Stand Back!'.  While I was in Boots, I spotted Revlon's new 'Facets of Fuchsia' - and after looking at the reviews on fellow polishers' blogs, I just had to buy it.  Unfortunately I couldn't see 'Starry Pink' though... is that just a US release?  Next to Facets was a polish called 'Smoky Haze' or something similar.  It was nice, but Revlon polish is really too expensive for me at £6.49 so I stuck with Facets.

I also spotted 17's new polishes.  I had the shiny mauve/purple one and the purple crackle in my hand ready to buy at one point, but the new shades aren't really my style and I'm kind of getting over crackles, so common sense kicked in and I put them down.  I will show you 17's original crackle polish on here though in case you want an idea of their formula before buying the new ones.

Aaaaand... I went to posh local department store Fenwick to gaze at their OPI collection.  Normally it isn't too hard to resist them, because their £10.50 price tag is insane!!!  But as I was drooling over 'I Lily Love You' my eyes wandered down, and there was the Nice Stems mini set for £12.50.  Still expensive, but yep, I bought it.  My first OPI polishes!

Here is a piccy of today's buys:

I want to wear my current delicate floral mani for as long as I can get away with it, but I cannot wait to try my new colours!!

I'll stop blabbing here, bye bye!

Lisa xx

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  1. the nice stems minis are so cute! i can't count how many times i've picked that package up and then put it back down again. maybe someday. lol


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