Friday, 30 September 2011

17 by Boots ~ Crackle Top Coat


Today I'm showing a couple of quick shots of 17's original Crackle effect polish in light of the two new crackles that have just come out.  Of the crackles/shatters that I own this is my least favourite, unfortunately.

This is over two coats of Rimmel's Black Cab.  On the index and ring fingers I'm wearing top coat, the other two without for a more matte finish.  I put a thicker coat of crackle on the ring and pinky fingers which has given very slightly better defined cracks.

To me, this crackle just looks really stringy :-(  Has anyone tried the new ones?  What do you think, are they worth a buy?

Lisa xx


  1. Check out for swatches of the purple and black glitter - they are better by the looks of it. I have the black with glitter and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't!

  2. i have the black and gold crackle by 17... SO disappointing. Absolutely useless.


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