Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Boots No7 ~ Cheeky Chops


Today I will be showing off the second No7 nail polish I got for £2 with a '£5 off' voucher (see the other, Vivid Violet, here).  It is delightfully named Cheeky Chops and the colour makes me think of a blushing cartoon piggy!

I chose it because I thought it would look great in a polka dot design (since I just broke my no-buy and bought dotting tools on eBay).  And, in fact, rosy cheeks are the best way I can think of to describe this cheery pink polish, so well done to whoever named this at No7 Towers ^_^

Like with Vivid Violet, I got off to a bit of a bad start with the application - somehow the brush often either gloops the polish on or carries too little and drags the polish around the nail.  Also there was a rogue loose bristle that I had to pull out with tweezers.  However, once I'd applied 3 coats it was well worth the minor annoyance - you're getting 6 pics of this polish because it looks absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't bear to chuck away any photos!! 

Indoors with mild sunlight:

With flash:

Taken by my window:


The polish has a slight jelly look to it and is just so darn cheerful!  I like the look of it best in natural, weak English sunlight, but it looks amazing all the time.  I will definitely be wanting to use it a lot, and can't wait till my dotting tools arrive so I can show it off some more!

I CANNOT SAY HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS POLISH.  I would even venture to say that it's worth its normal price of £7... bear in mind that I am a big cheapskate and normally falter around the £3.50 mark.

So what do you think... am I a girl of strange tastes or is this truly as nice a colour as I think it is?


Lisa xx


  1. Great Pink! Getting used to the shorter nails yet?

  2. Heehee, yes I am! Well, they've already grown a millimetre or two and they feel like a pleasant length ^_^ xx

  3. As a fellow UK blogger, this is so handy in choosing which nail polish to go for with my £5 Boots vouchers! Love the colour, methinks I'll be adding this to my collection!

  4. Thank you so much for the positive comment! Please show on your blog what you buy!! xxx


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