Monday, 19 September 2011

Delicately Patterned Nails


Today is definitely one of my favourite Konad stamping efforts.  I'm learning that different polishes have drastically different and unpredictable success rates!  I found that Rimmel's Azure (shown on its own here) worked well, and I used it to stamp the delicate floral pattern on Konad's m71 plate onto a base of 2 coats of Boots Natural collection's Sugar Mouse.

I think it looks beautiful!  Even though I'm a bit of an attention-seeker with my nails and would usually go for more standout colours, I am in love with this delicate mani.  I actually like the little bit of VNL as well... to me it just adds to the delicate look.  I'll be wearing this till my nails look tired for sure ^_^


Lisa xx


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