Thursday, 29 September 2011

NOTD: Gemstone Overcoat on Black


Today I used my beloved Gemstone Overcoat by Andrea Fulerton over 2 coats of Rimmel's Black Cab.  Gemstone Overcoat really does look best over black, and my nails remind me of burning embers and crumbling autumn leaves!  Whilst I believe in carrying bright colours throughout the year (never is a pop of colour more cheering than in miserable weather!), I think I will be wearing this mani a lot in the cold, dark months to come.

From experience I know that I don't suit dark, demure colours, but I think the Gemstone Overcoat would give an amazing Autumn look over a dark green - what do you think?


Lisa xx


  1. Ohh I have this top coat too, it's great over dark green and blue. I am like you and don't suit really dark colours but this breaks it up a bit :)

    Thanks for sharing


  2. Pretty! The flakes look exactly like Nubar 2010 or Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure..

  3. Gemstone Overcoat looks awful familiar! haha! It looks stunning over black.


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