Saturday, 3 September 2011

Bourjois 1 Seconde #18 ~ Glitter pics ahoy!

Because we all love drooling over glitter pics, do we not?

Bourjois 1 Seconde polish in #18, a pink glitter, was another birthday present and cost £5.99 from Boots.  In my na├»vety I thought that it was a full-cover glitter, and couldn't resist the delicate pink hue.  In fact it gives more of a subtle top-coat sprinkle.  Even though it isn't what I'd originally hoped for, I love it for what it is so here are some piccies!

Here is the bottle:

And the sparkle within:

The base colour is a delicate pink, but as you can see the glitter glows all the colours of the rainbow!

Here are a couple of old photos I have where I used the glitter over Miss Sporty's Hip Pop and 17's Chaperone.  I remember fully loading the special wide brush (which is great, by the way) with glitter so these pics show a generous coating.

And, just now, I decided to add two thin coats over the ring finger of my current mani, blogged about here.  Worringly my camera seems to be having trouble focussing up-close; kinda hoping it'll fix itself...

Here is a pic that shows the base pink colour of the glitter (ring finger only):

And the best little shimmer my poorly camera would allow:

Glitteringly yours,

Lisa xx

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