Wednesday, 28 September 2011

OPI ~ Be A Dahl-ia Won't You?


This is my first venture into the world of OPI!  £10.50 per bottle being insanely over my price limit, I splashed out a bit on the 'Nice Stems!' mini set for £12.50.  Still paying over the odds, and I have to fiddle with mini brushes, but I get to have a taster of a top polish brand.

Here I tried 'Be A Dahl-ia Won't You?', a lovely shimmery hot pink polish. 

I have to say, the shimmer is REALLY top notch!  I think the mini brushes let me down slightly in terms of application and an even coverage, but it is a beautiful polish.

I have a question to ask of fellow polishers, however: what polishes do you like to combine with 'I Lily Love You'?  I tried it over Be a Dahl-ia..., and I could see it was beautiful, but it didn't show it off to its best.

So please tell me, what are your base colours for ILLY?!

Thanks and hugs,

Lisa xx


  1. Not my pic, but look at this!! It's been on my to-do list with ILLY for a while now:

    from the blog:


  2. Oh wow thank you so much for that link!! I will definitely be trying out that colour combo!! xxx

  3. I heard black was a good base!


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