Sunday, 4 September 2011

Glitter Gradient


First of all, credit goes to the lovely and helpful Lusting Over Lacquers for posting a how-to for this mani!

For my glitter gradient I chose purple on purple.  The base is the dark-ish pastel purple creme from Claires' mini pastel set and the glitter is 'Purple Dazzle' by W7 (I bought this in Xtras but have seen the brand in New Look and on market stalls).  I painted two coats of pastel purple then I wet a cotton bud, dipped it in Purple Dazzle, dabbed two coats from the tip of my nail down then sealed it with a top coat.

(the flash on my camera went off funny for that last pic, but I'm including it because I think it looks really cool ^_^)

I really do like the gradient look!  My only problem with my mani is that I was using a really cheap glitter (it cost £1.50) and it gave a gritty finish.  It's a nice enough basic glitter polish, but I would love to do this mani again with a finer glitter like my holo INM Northern Lights.  That might well be my next post!

See you soon,

Lisa xx


  1. hiya just to say hello as i am a new follower i love this mani too :D

  2. Aww hello, thanks so much for following! I could not resist any mani involving sparkles ^_^

  3. Ohhh! Purple and Sparkles!!!!


  4. Such a fun manicure!


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