Friday, 2 September 2011

A Cheap 'n Chic Post ~ Old Polish and No-Buys


Firstly, like the lovely Nail Newbie I am on a September no-spend.  So far in my adult life I have somehow managed to let my impulse-buying rage on unchecked, but now I am nearing the end of my very generous overdraft and must conserve money until my student loan comes through, hopefully in a month or so.  So no unnecessary splurging!! 

So far, I have forced myself to resist:
- Dried flower nail decos
- Kleancolor glitters and holos
- A backup of 17's Woo Me just in case they ever discontinue it

And it's only September 1st!

Secondly, I was rummaging around in my wardrobe the other day and came across two very dusty, grubby polish bottles.  The last time I was really into polish was when I was 15, so they must be 8 years old.  They are 17's Temptress - a darkish purple shimmer - and a pearl shimmer polish from The Body Shop, whose bottle informs me that it is "Shade: Balance".  Here they are...

Yup, very grubby.  Yuck!

The pearl polish's consistency was slightly thickened but still very much usable.  The purple, however, did need a few splashes of nail polish remover to thin it, and still applied a bit gloopily.  (I have been told by proper polishers that remover is not a good shortcut for thinning nail polish.  Bad bad Lisa.)  I put two coats of the polishes on a couple of nails each:

You can see that the pearl polish has a nice green-ish shimmer here:

With flash (the purple glimmers so beautifully in this pic):

I get the feeling that the rest of my old polishes were thrown out long ago, but it was nice to find a couple of remnants of my last nail polish obsession!


Lisa xx


  1. I LOVE the purple! Great old find!

  2. Thanks! If only the consistency were a little better, but I will definitely still be using it xx

  3. Thanks so much for following my brand new blog! You made my night :D I love finding old nail polishes, it's like a time capsule in your closet.

  4. Following ya *return the favor and see what oldies I'm sporting?* Srsly though I tried on an old white from Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear and whoah it was THICK!!! I could not get it painted on it was so thick. I totally heart that white, pearly shimmer! Essie is putting out one similar to that in their winter line Luxeffects.

  5. Good luck hun, we can do it!


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