Sunday, 25 September 2011

Boots No7 ~ Salsa


Here is another of my Boots voucher buys... I am going to have to learn to say "no" to the offer of discounted £2 nail polish!  This time I chose the colour 'Salsa', a vibrant rusty/orange-tinted red. 

Firstly, another shot of my new engagement ring with the polish:

^_^  ^_^  ^_^

Sorry for the upcoming blurry bottle shots, I totally forgot about them!

Here are some marginally better pictures of the polish:


Above are, in order: flash, indoor night, indoor day.

I have two coats of Salsa on in these pics - this suited me well as I was dashing out the door, but there was a little VNL and I think the colour would be a lot richer with a third coat.

I have to mention... no application issues this time!  I've had issues with some No7 polishes but this one applied just fine.  I really like it, it's a beautiful colour.  Well worth spending your '£5 off' voucher on!


Lisa xx

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