Monday, 5 September 2011

Glitter Gradient pt.2!

You know I mentioned I have Can't-Leave-It-Alone Syndrome?  Well, after trying and loving the purple glitter gradient, I decided to experiment with the couple of other glitters I have in my collection.

Firstly, as I said I would, I tried it with my INM Northern Lights silver holo glitter - but that was too fine, as opposed to W7's larger gritty stuff, and didn't do the glitter justice.

Then I tried with Bourjois' 1 Seconde pink glitter (showcased here) and that worked a bit better!  More subtle than the purple glitter but still very pretty.  I tried it out over five different colours, here we are:

Frosting!!  Here are close-ups of the individual nails:

Rimmel's Black Cab

Missguided's MissTique Teal Nail splash (I got this free with a magazine this Summer and it is BRILLIANT.  Beautiful colour, one-coat, formula smooth as a dream.)

Xtras' Lavender (seriously isn't a lavender, it's a baby pink :-/ )

Andrea Fulerton's Bright White, part of French Manicure set

17's Caribbean Coral

My personal favourites are over black and baby pink!

As an afterthought, I tried Andrea Fulerton's Gemstone Overcoat over Rimmel's Black Cab... and it looked pretty great!  Here it is:

Tomorrow is Polish-aholics Anonymous' Monday nail art challenge - something movie/book/television inspired.  It'll be my first challenge and not feeling too confident, but I'll have a go!

Lisa xx

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  1. I love them all seriously. Great combos!


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