Saturday, 3 September 2011

Blue Gingham Nails


Right now I am sporting blue gingham nails.  They are really quite cute!  My left hand is slightly less neat than the right (I'm left-handed), but you can barely notice.  Good times.  Here are the polishes I used:

This is the Bright White from Andrea Fulerton's French manicure set (£7.99 from Superdrug, also includes crème all-over polish, subtle sparkle top coat and guide stickers) and the blue and silver nail art pens from Rio's pastel set (from Argos).

I had 2 coats of white as the base and used the thin brush of the blue polish to paint stripes and the pen of the silver polish to dot the intersections.  Here we are:

On another note... I kinda just broke my September no-spend.  I bought dotting tools on eBay.  But they were 99p!  For two!  With free shipping!

I am a bad Lisa indeed.  Once they arrive I'm going to have to wear polka-dot manis for the rest of my life to justify breaking the no-buy.  Oh dear!


Lisa xx


  1. oooh these looks so cute hon! I like the idea of the nail pens..may have to look into those myself ^_^

  2. I LOVE IT!!!! You always make my plain manis look plain! LOL! It's ok, I broke my August No-Buy and My September one already. On one of my polish groups they have the China Glaze and OPI Halloween colors from last year, which I've been DYING for. If you want the group name the lady is taking a group order on a ton of polish and ships overseas, I can invite you if you want! Message me on facebook if you want in!

  3. Also love the shape of all your bottle caps, ours are all so plain here in the US!

  4. Aww thank you! You can find that kind of pen all over the internet. I've been wishing for a black one xx

  5. This is a really pretty manicure! Reminds me a bit of gingham :)


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