Sunday, 18 September 2011

Rimmel ~ Azure

Hello, and sorry for my absence!  I am back from a week spent with my amazing boyfriend (very sad that it's over), and ready to get back to regular posting.

The polish I am showing you today is '198 Azure' from Rimmel London's 'I <3 Lasting Finish' line, bought for £2.99 from Boots.  It's a lovely metallic blue colour.  I'll go straight into the piccies!

(oops, my non-flash pics turned out blurry)

Here I am wearing 2 coats of Azure topped with a coat of Double Duty. 

Without top coat, the polish has slightly matte, cold metallic look which is fantastic.  You get an idea of the colour in the above flash photo.  With a top coat the colour warms up slightly and you get a richer hue.  Both outcomes look great! 

I do have a moan, however... about 20-30 minutes after finishing my mani I went to make a romantic dinner of microwave pepperoni pizza.  And during the removing-the-plastic-and-shoving-it-in-the-microwave process, the polish came right off my left thumbnail.  Do you think I allowed a reasonable amount of time for the polish to dry before touching anything?!


Lisa xx

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  1. Alot of times 20-30 minutes isn't enough time for mine! They are still soft underneath and I scuff them most of the time! Makes me angry too ahha! It is a lovely color!


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