Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Boots No7 ~ Lucky Lilac


This is another of my £5-off Boots voucher purchases (every time I think I'm free, they give me another voucher and I just have to use it >.<).  I adore the colour lilac so this was a must-buy at the discounted price of £2!  Here it is:

The first is a flash photo and the second was taken in natural light the next day after I added INM's Northern Lights silver holo glitter top coat (it looked REALLY nice, by the way).

I had the same problem with Lucky Lilac as I've had with the other No7 polishes; the application does not put you in a good mood.  They could really do with changing their brushes to something softer, as it is a shame - definitely, for me at least, a major criterion for adoring a polish is a nice application. 

All the same, after I'd finished applying it and added a top coat to even out the finish, it looked just lovely.  I didn't have my fave polish, 17's Woo Me, with me for comparison - being that 17 and No7 are both Boots' own brands and both pale lilacs, I thought they seemed quite similar.  So now I'm back home, I took some photos comparing the two.  Here we are:

I love them both!!  No7 describe their polish on the bottle as being 'Pigment Rich', and indeed Lucky Lilac is brighter and the more colourful.  It looks lovely, but I do still adore Woo Me's more delicate colour.  I am very happy to have both in my collection :-D

Aaaand Boots have decided to continue their '£5 off No7' promotion when you spend over a certain amount (I think it's £5?).  The new vouchers expire on the 23rd of October.  I already know what polish I'm getting with the voucher in my purse and I will be sure to show it here once I get it!


Lisa xx


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